Email Display Name Spoofer

So this tool was born out of a bit of frustration. I’ve been wanting to test email name spoof protection offered in a different products and couldn’t find any way of easily sending an email with a spoofed name. I could create fake accounts at gmail, yes but that it way too much effort for someone as lazy as I am, plus someone else may want to forego the hassle too. Enter the Email Display Name Spoofer (There’s gotta be a better name for this). With this, you just type in the name of the person you want to spoof, then an email address that you wish to receive this spoofed email, click “send” and sit back and watch the magic happen. There’s really no magic actually. It just sends an email with those settings.

Can this be abused? I hope not! I’ve hardcoded the subject and body text to clearly indicate what the service is and that it’s okay to ignore and even delete the received message. I’ve also put some controls in place to prevent some of the other vectors for potential abuse as well.

It’s for TESTING only folks! If you want more, it’s going to take some slightly more involved dev work which I either won’t do, or won’t do for free. So without further adieu . . .